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The Squitty Bay BNB was loving built by Dazy Drake, who lived on Lasqueti Island for over forty years. Since she moved to Lasqueti, Dazy was a "jack of all trades, master of none." She worked on the island oyster farm, mended fish nets, worked as a carpenter and owned and ran several restaurants. Dazy owned and ran the island bakery, "Duck's Pizza, Bakery and Bagel Factory." The bakery was a great success, but after running it for ten years, she decided to try something a little less demanding. So, she sold the equipment and turned the building into a bed and breakfast. "The Old Bakery Bed and Breakfast" was very successful. After running it for seven years, Dazy sold her property in the downtown False Bay area and moved to the south end of Lasqueti Island in 2005.

Dazy was a beautiful, colorful, artistic woman and sadly she passed away on Valentine’s Day 2017 in her winter home in Mexico. Dazy put her magic touch on everything and that is evident when you are enjoying your stay at Squitty Bay. Her daughter Lisa carries on the BNB now and will look forward to meeting you when you arrive.

Squitty Bay Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast History

This Squitty Bay property is steeped in rich and humorous history. The Catholic Church formerly owned this property. The old church house sat at the very location of the B+B. This is where the Bishops and Priests came for years for rest and relaxation. The   new main house which adjoins the Bed and Breakfast was accidentally built 20 feet into the Squitty Bay Provincial Marine Park and although a generous land swap was proposed, the newly constructed house had to be dismantled and moved forward 20 feet.

Lisa warmly extends an invitation to everyone to come stay at her place and enjoy the rugged beauty of Squitty Bay!

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Dazy Drake
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Dazy's B&B