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Squitty Bay Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast is a superb place for beach combing, hiking, cycling and photography as well as a world-class destination for kayaking, sailing and snorkeling. It is also a great place for some deep relaxation and solitude. So, come for a challenge or come relax and watch the waves, boats and eagles. You can bring personal projects to work on or spend your time sculpting driftwood creations.

Squitty Bay Provincial Marine Park is a great island-hopping destination by summer as well as an exciting west coast storm-watching location by winter. In early Spring and late Autumn, storm watching reigns supreme - right from the cozy warmth of the B+B.

Squitty Bay provides quiet, deserted bays for swimming, hiking, rock scrambling and breathtaking eco-touring. The biggest population on the island are rugged, free-range feral sheep that roam peacefully and freely about the island. You may also meet one of the eccentric, feral locals. There are also eagles, kingfishers, otters, seals, dolphins and whales to meet. You can even whale watch and bird watch while sitting in the outhouse, a truly liberating experience.

There is a nearby moorage in Squitty Bay Marina where you can sail in your boat to a small protected anchorage. You can keep an eye on your boat from the deck of the B+B.

We have 2 kayaks for the experienced yacker. From Squitty Bay it is a short paddle or sail to Jedediah Island Provincial Marine Park, South Texada Island Provincial Park, Jarvis Island Provincial Park and Sabine Channel Marine Park.

Squitty Bay and the other parks are very ecologically sensitive and require the utmost respect, so we require you are mindful not to disturb their fragile ecology and respect the fire and fishing ban when in effect.

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